Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hong Kong protest flag

A quick post about some protest flags in Hong Kong. The situation there is attracting a lot of interest in the UK as Hong Kong used to be a British colony and the decision of the Chinese government is seen as a treaty violation of guaranteeing Hong Kong's democratic institutions.
Flag of British Hong Kong
Interestingly the colonial flag appears to have been popular with protesters in Hong Kong, although I haven't seen any in what's being called the "umbrella revolution":
Another flag appears to drop the Union Jack and white disk, leaving the coat of arms on a blue field:
Another flag I saw on the internet keeps the white disk, but drops the colonial coat of arms. I am not sure if this so called pearl of the sea flag is used or if its just a proposal:
I made a protest flag design based on the colonial flag:
It keeps the white "Pearl of the Sea" and replaces the Union Flag with an orchid tree petal, representing Hong Kong sovereignty. If you want to put a coat of arms in the disk, you could use:
A version of this coat of arms design I based on the colonial arms:
I refined the design to this:

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