Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Anglo-American Union

This is the result of a suggestion from a friend on Facebook of a possible union between the UK and USA. The basic scenario that the United Kingdom, whose (global influence has declined with her empire) and the United States (who is expected to lose her superpower status in the future), unite as a single state to reaffirm their old positions in this unstable world  and perhaps to prevent  China or even Russia becoming the next superpowers. The flag used in this post was the 'Grand Union Flag' or 'Continental Colors.'  The thirteen red and white stripes with the pr-1800 Union Jack in the canton often regarded as the first American flag, used during the first year or two of the US war of independence, before independence was the official aim of the Continental Congress.  I suggest a design based on that flag:
It features the modern Union Jack and all 50 stars of the current United States. However I decided to improve on this, I increased the number of stripes to 17, to represent to original 13 colonies and former home nations and added the cross of St David of Wales to the Union Jack so that all British home nations and US states are represented equally. I also alternated the stripes to red, white blue, white etc, which I personally think compliments the colours in the canton better:

The problem with this is that it may be confused with the flag of Hawaii. so perhaps red and white stripes are better:
Alternatively one could be a civil flag and one a state flag, to say distinguish naval vessels, similar to the red, white, blue ensign system used by the UK & some commonwealth countries.
As far as naval jacks go I also have two designs, the first one is simply the canton design used by itself:
The other is a Union Jack defaced with a rattle snake with the text "Don't Tread on Me". A little combination of the current British and US naval jack:
Again one could be for naval use and the other for civil used, or for auxiliaries and support ships. The aircraft roundel could be the US roundle used in the inter war years and beginning of WW2 as this is also similar to the British red, white and blue rings:
The national coat of arms is quartered with the British and American coat of arms. The British arms are quartered with the ancient arms of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, where the American Arms feature a blue chief with red and white stripes:
I am operating here that both UK and USA would literally be up in arms if they gave up complete sovereignty, and some some sort of arrangement has been made where the American leader pays symbolic homage to the monarch who in turn promises to uphold American Democracy. thus keeping both constitutions intact. Alternatively a more anglicised version might be:
I also thought the supporters could be an American continental soldier and British 'red coat' the synbolism being obvious, but decided to stay with the lion and eagle, but perhaps the soldier supporters could be used in military heraldry, a typical seal might be:
Who knows what the future holds, although I don't think anything like this could happen in my lifetime, but still fun to think what if. Feel Free to comment. 

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