Saturday, 24 November 2012

Belfast City Hall Flags Issue

Belfast City Council policy and resources committee has recently came to the conclusion that the National Flag of the United Kingdom the Union Flag should no longer 'fly' over Central Council Buildings in Belfast.
These buildings include the City Hall, Ulster Hall and the Duncrue complex. Currently the Union Flag is 'flown' over these buildings 365 days a year. However this is not the end of the case as Belfast City Council has to pass the motion which will be debated in council on 3rd December. for more on this story visit Ulster TV
Now I do not in any way support the complete removal of my national flag from a local government building. But it is interesting to note that while Belfast Council use the flag every day the Northern Ireland Assembly only use it on parliament buildings on designated days and public holidays, for example HM the Queen's Birthday, St Patrick's Day and 12th of July etc. Out of 365 days Parliament Buildings at Stormont only use the Union Flag 12 days a year, the rest of the time there is a bare flag pole.

Now I agree with the designated days policy to an extent but I do not like the idea of a bare flag pole. For Parliament buildings I would propose a New Northern Ireland flag be used the 353 days the Union Flag is not used. To see some of my proposals click here and here.

As for Belfast Council buildings I would propose that a City of Belfast Flag be used the 353 days the National Flag would not used. I think the best option is a banner of the Belfast coat of arms below:


The flag should look something like this:

I do not own these designs. All your comments are Welcome.


  1. Just a question: isn't the Belfast flag permanently flying in its own City Council building?

  2. At present the only flag regulary flown from Belfast city Hall is the union flag which (atleast for now) flys 24/7 365 days a year. I hace seen the city of Belfast flag in flag shops, on T-Shirts and on the world flag database but I have never actually seen it being used! Which makes me question if it is actually offical? Although I live on the opposite side of the province from Belfast so I wouldn't be so sure