Sunday, 11 November 2012

Royal Marines flag on UK warship

Here is an interesting picture of the ensign being flown from the stern of the British warship HMS Northumberland. This picture was taking today during the remembrance day service on board. As there is a ceremony happening on board the ensign (top) is flown from the stern, which I have seen before, but notice the Royal Marines flag below it. This is something I have never seen before on a commissioned ship and is certainly very rare. In fact I would have thought  flying a flag below the ensign (at least at the stern) would be against protocol, although I must be wrong as the navy are usually very strict on protocol?

The Northumberland is a frigate and currently has a Royal Marine boarding team on board from 43 Commando (Royal Marines Fleet Protection Group.) The flag of the Royal Marines Fleet Protection Group:
image of Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines
Interesting picture thought I would share it. 

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