Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Irish Coast Guard

Something I thought before due to recent events reminded of, is what a bad flag the Irish Coast Guard have. It is a white flag with the logo of a stylised harp and anchor in the centre.
This is highlighted on Facebook in the last 24 hours or so following the tragic loss of one of their search & rescue helicopters, with this sympathetic image of support:
It is the Coast Guard flag with the black stripe of mourning and the helicopter's call sign. This highlights what a bad flag it is, and feeling that brave men and women of the Irish Coast Guard deserve better, I have three proposals:
The first is an ensign, which follows the same lines as the Republic of Ireland's yacht ensigns. A blue field with a tricolour canton and the cap badge of the coast Guard in the fly:
The badge is similar to that of the cap badge Irish Naval Service but with Defence Forces (which itself appears to be based on a Royal Navy officer's cap badge) emblem replaced with a harp.
Second is a jack, I did initially thought of putting an anchor on the Republic of Ireland flag, but as their flag protocol forbids defacing the flag, I designed a different flag based on the tricolour.
It is inspired by the tricolour but also the style of the stripes on rescue helicopters. This way a tricolour and anchor can still be used but the at the same time the flag protocol of the Republic of Ireland is observed.
Last but not least is a ceremonial flag.
It features the blue harp on a blue field from the state coat of arms, within a rope circle flanked by anchors:
Like the cap badge worn by the Irish Coast Guard the ceremonial flag has influences from the colour of the Naval Service.
 any one of these flags with a black stripe would make a better emblem of support than the current flag.
Thoughts and prayers for the family of the pilot of the Rescue 116 and those of the still missing crew members.

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