Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Book for Sale

I am pleased to announce that my book Northern Ireland Flags & Emblems is now for sale and can be purchased here.
The book features 184 quality A4 pages in full colour, with plenty of pictures and illustrations, some of which are the result of my own work. It covers national flags, royal flags, government and civil emblems, flags in sport, historic flags, some of the flags used in consolidarity, the flags used by various paramilitary groups both Loyalist and Republican and even the flags seen in the waters around the province.
Some examples:

This is a print on demand book, however I am also working on an e-book version, which when completed I will update on here.
 this is as far as I am aware the most complete collection of information of flags and emblems in regard to Northern Ireland.

 The book can be purchased here and prints in 3 -5 business days

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