Sunday, 12 October 2014

UK football badge

I have been toying with this idea for a while, as I keep reading about various calls for a British national football team (rather than the four separate home nations teams). For some its looking to decrease the British influence on the FIFA board (by giving the UK one seat rather than a couple for the Home Nations), for others its an attempt to gain glory at the next World Cup (after England's shocking performance in Brazil, and the other nations not even qualifying for quite some time).
Personally I as a proud Northern Ireland fan I am against the idea. However if a Team UK is formed what would the team badge be. The concept is not that far-fetched, British national teams have competed against "The rest of Europe" in special one off games in 1947 and 55, their badge was based on the royal coat of arms, see here. A UK team competes in Olympic football and uses the Team GB logo, and in rugby there is a special British Isles team "the lions" who play special tours.
So What would a UK team badge look like. My first two attempts tried to include the Union Jack:

In both these designs I attempted to make the flag look like a football, I also included the star for England's 1966 World Cup win, as the other nations would never hear the end of it, if it wasn't included. I don't like these at all, and thought about including the various UK team badges:

The England and Scotland badges clearly based on their coat of arms.Wales based on their flag, and Northern Ireland's badge based on a Celtic cross. I think the best badge for a British team would be a shield quartered with simplified versions of the above badges, similar to the Lions shield:

I know its a little outside the scope of this blog, but I also attempted to design the Kit, I don't normally design football kits, so I apologise if its rubbish, but here it is anyway:  
Top row left to right 1st, 2nd and 3rd Kits. Bottom Goal Keeper 1st and 2nd kits
All kits (except the Goal Keepers 2nd kit) have the colours for the home nations, White for England, blue for Scotland, red for Wales, green for Northern Ireland. The red white and blue stripes are copied from the Allies kit in the film Escape to Victory, but I feel add to the kit. The flags are on both arms, however I was considering putting it above the name on the back instead, I am not totally decided on that yet. The team badge appears on the left side of the top (as you wear it) with the sponsor logo on the right, and vis versa on the shorts. 

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  1. Your ideas are good. Unlike you, I think there should be a single UK football team. The current arrangement is crazy, and I've never understood why the rest of the World tolerates it. There are many multi-state, multi-national countries in the World - why should the UK be the only one allowed to be represented by four separate teams?