Sunday, 19 October 2014

The coat of arms of Lord Bannside

Today was the public memorial service of the former Northern Ireland First Minister, the Rev Dr Ian Paisley the Lord Bannside. Watching it on TV I saw the front of the order of service which featured Lord Bannside's coat of arms. Personally I never knew he had a grant of arms, he must have got it after his elevation to the House of Lords. It is quite an interesting coat of arms:
I don't know the official symbolism but it appears to reflect his calling as a preacher (he founded the Free Presbyterian Church) from the winged lions (the heraldic symbol of Mark the Evangelist) with trumpets (to proclaim the Gospel with), open books possibly symbolising the word of God, even the motto "with Bold Proclamation" is reflective of his firebrand preaching.  Whatever you might think of the man its an interesting coat of arms.

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