Thursday, 16 October 2014

Russian Empire (Micronation)

The Russian Empire is a micronation created by Anton Bakov chairman of the Russian Monarchist party. It was proclaimed on 20th July 2011, and claims about 18 different places as its territory, including Suwarrowatoll in the Pacific Ocean, and Antarctica, places originally discovered or claimed by Russian sailors but later abandoned by the Empire due to the Russian Revolution.   It styles itself as a federal constitutional monarchy, the historical successor to the Empire founded by Peter I. It proclaims Karl Emich of Leiningen as its head of state as he is descended from  Russian Romanov Royal Family, with the title Tsar Nicolas III.
At present the flag of this micronation is the old Russian Navy ensign:

The problem I have this flag is that it is practically the same as the current naval ensign of the Russian Federation:

similar problem existed with the "royal" coat of arms, until it was changed when Nicolas III was proclaimed Tsar in 2014. Its current coat of arms are unique if perhaps a little distasteful:
Compared to the previous arms, which were almost the same as the Russian Federation's with the exception of the hammer and sickle:

My idea was to use a Russian Flag, but with the "St Andrews Flag" (presumably a reference to the sailors who discovered these places) in the canton. This way the flag keeps the Russian connections and symbolism but at the same time is something quite distinctive. 
Or alternatively they could use the black, gold and white design of the old Russian Empire's "Romanov dynastic flag" the official flag of the Empire from 1858 - 1883,as that is more associated with the Russian monarchists, with the saltier in the hoist:

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  1. I've been, interested, in the Hobby,movement
    Micro-nations/Self-proclaimed nations,
    for a while.I been, also interested, in Russian,-History,
    for a while.I like the idea of a self-proclamined Russian Empire.
    It should have a Democry Thought,
    Rather than, a Monarchy.
    I saw the web-site of the Russian, Monarchist party recentaly.
    in realty, mabey, a figure-head, but that's it.
    I wounder, if their registerd for the Russian, Duma, President.
    election, in 2018.
    Thanks Dave-Fisherman.-U.S.A.