Thursday, 1 January 2015

A look at 2014

A Happy New year to you all, I hope Santa was good. I would like to review the progress of the year past, and set out my aims this year that was piped in. 2014 saw 53 posts an increase from the 35 of 2013. I hope to be able to maintain this increase this year. Most of these posts were British or Irish based posts, although there were a few posts that were based on wider geographical areas particularly Asia and North America. I hope to continue a wider outlook on world vexillology and heraldry as well as that more closer to home.
In October a designed a badge for a UK national football team. In this post I also designed a football strip which i rather enjoyed. Although not directly linked to vexillology or heraldry, I might have one or two experimental uniform related posts.
UKFA football strip from October
I also started a few series of posts. The first one in anticipation of the Commonwealth Games. This was a mixed success. IIt Featured the most viewed post of all Time! However I was not able to spend as much time on it as I liked, and got nowhere near as many posts done before the opening of the Games. The second series is a work in progress, on the history and development of Irish flags, I am enjoying this series and hope and currently researching the next post, which will be about the United IIrishmen's uprising in 1798 and the flags they used. At the moment I am planning this to be followed by a post about the flags of the flags 19th Century militant nationalism. The green harp flag, flags of Irishmen in foreign service Pre-partition flags, flags of The Home Rule Debate, flags of WW1&2, the history of Tricolour, History of Irish flags at sea, Modern Military flags, Flags of Modern Republicanism, Unionist flags in Northern Ireland, and the current use of flags in Ireland. This is the current plan and might change as the series develops.
Irish flag from Neptune Francois (Amsterdam 1693)
Last year I also did two posts related to games, these are very popular post and as such are something that will continue.
I also adopted a new design of personal flag:
based on my coat of arms design but something that maintains the symbolism of the entire armorial achievement which a banner of arms does not. I do maintain the use a banner of arms for special occasions. You can read more about it on this post, but there is a slight difference in the shade of red on the split saltire. It is crimson to reflect my home city.
What also might be of interest are the 10 most popular post of all time, these currently are (at time of writing)

  1. CG1: Commonwealth Games
  2. Empire Total War (game flags)
  3. American State flags (more alternatives)
  4. Northern Ireland Flags guide
  5. National flag of the United Kingdom
  6. Federal UK - Devolution to English Regions.
  7. Most Northern Irish people want new flag?
  8. Allied Nations (WW2)
  9. Northern Ireland Flag and Coat of Arms.
  10. Skyrim Banners (game flags)
Hopefully this list will soon include new ones, from this year. I look forward to shareing more posts with you this year and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

A Guid Ne'er Year
Happy New Year

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