Thursday, 18 December 2014

Coat of arms of Santa Claus

A little seasonal last post of the year, dedicated to the magic man who travels around the world in one night, comes down chimneys and leaves presents under Christmas trees. I have designed a coat of arms for Mr Claus because if anyone deserves an armorial achievement it is Santa. This quick clip about the history of Santa will help explain some of the components:
So here is my proposal for Santa's coat of arms:
The shield is Per Pall inverted, The bottom third features Christmas bell, ensigned with a Bishop's Mitre. This part symbolises the meaning of Christmas. The bell symbolises the church bells that ring with joy all over the world on December 25, that announce the birth of the Savior. The Mitre is reflective of the headdress worn by St Nick, as is the red and white colour scheme.  The compass rose pointing north is a reference to Santa's grotto in the North Pole. It could also reflect the star of Bethlehem that told the Magi of  the birth of Christ. The green is reflective of the colours of Father Christmas. The Christmas tree is reflective of the current tradition that although probably has pagan origins, is undoubtedly one of the universal symbols of Christmas. The supporters feature reindeer with jingle bells colors, who pull Santa's sleigh. The helm design features the modified Old Ducal Hat of England, to one that reflects the traditional Santa hat, the sprig of holly a reference to the traditional wreath worn by Father Christmas. The crest features an angel, like the one who appeared to Mary or the Shepherds. The compartment is an iceberg another reference to the North Pole. The motto is latin for Merry Christmas.  I hope you enjoyed this design as much I did.

Blythe Yule an a Haud Hogmanay!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. I think it a VERY, "MERRY and BRIGHT" design for a VERY SPECIAL PERSONS "Coat of ARMS" !!!! I HEARTILY think it MOST APPROPRIATE !!!!

    Now, can you give me the DIMENSIONS of this BEAUTIFUL creation, and if you have made any for SALE to SANTA CLAUS item collectors, such as myself.
    I am interested in purchasing FIVE (5) such Coat of Arms suitable for attaching to Santa's , Robes, Suits, Jackets etc. It is important that 't run.they can withstand "Dry Cleaning" if necessary and the colors don't run in rain or snowey days.

    Looking Forward to your reply !!!


    Eugene Patrick Clark III
    25 North Forest Ave.
    Rockvillle Centre, New York