Thursday, 30 January 2014

Athonia (Micro Nation)

I seen a post on Reddit asking for someone to design a flag for their micro nation. In the spirit of fun I went a little further and designed a series of flags and emblems, for the Kingdom of Athonia, in southern Florida.
There were some conditions to the national flag, it had to reflect agriculture (the main economy) and the preferable colours were red and black.
So here's the national and state flag:

black, red and some gold, with crossed rake and scythe. Or an alternative variant national flag:

The crossed rake and scythe appear on most national symbols, such as the fire department badge:

The police flag:

 Badge in detail:

 Like every sovereign nation it needs an armed forces so the armed forces flag:
Like the police flag, its based on the national flag but bears a sword as its for the military. The sword also appears in the Defence Forces badge:

 The crown is a unique design that I designed myself, the grain wreath reflects the nation's culture of agriculture.
I also designed a ceremonial military flag:
The national coat of arms:

 the supporters are Panthers the state animal of Florida. The Crest is a half Panther carrying a national standard. The shield reflects the national flag.
As Athonia is a constitutional monarchy it needs a Royal Standard:
Its based on the Florida flag, it features the royal crown and the crossed rake and scythe.  

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