Saturday, 27 October 2012

Walled City Tattoo

As part of the 2013 UK City of Culture, my home city Londonderry is hosting a tattoo called the Walled City Tattoo. This will be based on the Edinburgh Tattoo with some of the acts performing in Edinburgh also performing in Derry. It will include both Scots and Irish dancing as well as marching bands particularly bagpipes, and will take place on Ebrington Square, which is appropriate as it used to be a military barracks and comes complete with a full size parade square. However as far as I am aware this event does not have a logo. Now this is not directly linked with flags but it is related. I had a go at designing a logo which I based on the Logo for the Edinburgh Tattoo shown below.

It incorporates the tattoo coat of arms and full title. A rather simple and basic logo to design as the coat of arms already existed before this logo was used.
My design was a little bit harder as I had to design a new coat of arms as this is a new event. My logo is shown below:
As you can see it is directly influenced by the Edinburgh tattoo logo. It also features aspects of the city coat of arms, an oak leaf representing the city's origins and a tower representing the city walls, the city's colour; Derry Crimson is also heavily featured as is the city motto. For more information on all these and my designs for a Londonderry flag click here. The crest like The one on the Edinburgh Tattoo features two crossed flags. Unlike the Edinburgh one they do not appear on the shield. My flags are St Patrick's Saltire a symbol of Ireland and the Red Hand of Ulster. The harp is also featured in the crest as i didn't think it looked right on half of St George's Cross.

This was designed by me, and I would like to know what you think of it. All comments welcome 

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