Saturday, 30 May 2015

Geocaching Ireland

Geocaching in a pastime I have engaged in for the past year when the weather has been good (which isn't very often). Its a sort of worldwide treasure hunt. Basically someone hides a cache, uploads the GPS coordinates to the Geocaching website, and a geocacher can find it using a GPS device or GPS capable smartphone.
Before being published all geocaches are varied by a member of the regional team. In Geocaching Ireland is one region and all geocaches on the island is reviewed by one body. Why a flag? well many travel bugs tags often feature the flag of their country of origin:
 Flags are often used on statistics pages to identify the country, and it makes sense to have an appropriate flag for Ireland.
It could also be used at various geocaching events North and South.
Also Geocaching Ireland have a rather bad logo, (Although the shop has a pretty good one):
A Slightly better one:

But if it weren't for the text, there is still nothing that would let you know its about geocaching. So here is my proposal for a Geocaching Ireland flag:
Its a variation of the banner of the Irish coat of arms, of a gold harp on blue field. Towards the hoist a celtic knot pattern is in orange. The hoist is green. I know there are more than three colours but they all come from the logo (although in slightly different shades):
I think the flag is rather unique, and the colours are adequate symbolism, however the international Geocaching symbol (on which the logo is based) could be added to the canton:
Although I think I prefer it without the symbol,  
What do you think, please let me know in comments.

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