Friday, 27 February 2015

My support for a young vexillologist

I would like to express my support for 14 year old Liam Kenward from Loose in Kent. This young lad has an impressive collection of over 200 national flags and ensigns, which he regularly flew from two flag poles in his garden. However following a single complaint his local council has ordered him to remove the flags and that he can only have one pole of reduced size, from which he can only fly one flag at a time. The full story was reported in the Mirror. I know the way the flags are flown may not strictly be in accordance with protocol, (I personally wouldn't fly more than two flags on a single pole and only in certain circumstances) but in my view protocol is just guidelines and private citizens can display their flags how they like. I fail to see the logic behind this story, perhaps if there were numerous complaints from neighbours, who have to live there everyday I could understand. But a single compliant from an anonymous source, I think the council acted a little rashly. From what I understand all these flags were national flags and nautical flags of various countries around the world, and not anything that could cause offense.
Just when I thought we lived in a free country.
Anyway rant over

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