Saturday, 1 November 2014

Communist British Isles (Alternative History)

This is an alternative history when during the Great War of 1914-18, the United Kingdom underwent a communist uprising like Russia. So here are the flags of this socialist state, the Britannic Socialist Isles. There are two potential national flags I am not quite decided one is based on the USSR flag:

The central badge of the book and compass, apparently is the symbol of British communists. This is surrounded by a wreath of Tudor roses, thistles and shamrocks. The second idea is similar but based more on the red ensign, with the Union Flag defaced with the communist badge:
I got the idea for this flag from this Alternate history video:
In this state Great Britain and Ireland have separate ruling councils in charge of internal affairs. The flag of Great Britain is:
Similar to the red ensign above but without the Cross of St Patrick, and defaced with a hammer and sickle. The flag of Ireland is also a red flag with the starry plow in the canton, which is a well known Irish socialist symbol, that originated from this period:
Both of these flags feature in the National emblem:
The sub national flags of Great Britain are:

The Sub national flags of Ireland are

The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands:
Isle of Man
Bailiwick of Jersey:
Bailiwick of Guernsey:
Flags of the armed forces:
The Naval Ensign:
The Naval Jack:

The War Flag:

A little Alternate History for you. comments and suggestions are welcome.


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  2. I never knew that a compass and book symbol is / was 'suppose' to be a symbol of British communism? It looks more like a Masonic symbol than a communist symbol (or maybe it just reminds me strongly of Masonic symbology) so it's hard to imagine it being used as a communist symbol, since masons aren't communist (discounting the minor fringes or perhaps clandestine lodges with communistic agendas haha).

    Anyways I like the 2nd and last flags best.

    I do have one question though. I know this is only alternate history so it's suppose to be a bit of fun, but why would the UK adopt Russian (USSR) communism symbology? Why wouldn't they just make their own unique symbols to represent British communism? Knowing the British, they would have most likely gone down this path.

    1. Yes apparently it is one of the symbols and I thought but its actually not that uncommon the best example is probably the former East Germany flag.
      the soviet symbolism has been used world wide by communist including the communist parties of China and N.Korea. The hammer and sickle is also used in the logo of the modern communist party of britain

  3. "...We'll keep the red flag waving here!"

    :{ )

  4. We as a nation should become communist and sod all that stand in the way

  5. Greetings, sir. My name is Tomáš Falešník and I represent micronation of Gymnasium State. We are young micronation, and when we declared independece as Socialist State of Gymnasium in September 2017, we were looking for a flag. We have found your work, which I can say is amazing, and one of those flags. As we didn't think of copyright, we adopted the flag as national flag. In January, when we replaced then system of our micronation with democracy, we kept part of that flag as our coat of arms. I want to apologize for that we used and edited your work without permission, and also for not apologizing earlier, as we haven't found any way of contacting you. I also want to inform you, that we always mention you as author of the coat, and we haven't monetized it or done anything similar with it. I hope, that you don't have problems with it, and if you do, please reply so it can be solved.
    PS: I also want to apologize for my unprofessional writing, I'm not a native English speaker.
    Tomáš Falešník