Saturday, 16 August 2014

North England (Devolution)

as a result of Scottish referendum debate, the question has been raised how North England could compete on an economic scale with either:

  • An independent Scotland with complete control of its international and economic affairs or
  •  A Scotland with greater devolved power over its economic and international affairs which will likely be the result if Scotland stays n the UK.
One proposal is a devolved government for Northern England, not the first time this has been proposed (there was a referendum in 2004). However some academics think that for the North of England to compete in the above scenarios it must have devolution.  
Here is my proposal for the flag of a regional government:
The main feature of the flag is a Saint George's Cross, the flag of England. The cross is defaced with a wheel representing both the north's industrial heritage and progress. The wheel is in turn defaced with the white rose of York, often seen as a modern symbol of northern England. 
The four wavy blue lines represent both the maritime heritage of the region and its four European Constituencies. 
The coat of arms is primarily based on the flag:
The main shield is basically the same as the flag. The supporters are lions similar to that used on the royal coat of arms. But as well as supporting the shield each supports a different symbol. A globe representing the modern "global village" of which we are all part of and the arms of the Kingdom of England, representing the ties and shared identity with the whole of England. 
The crest is similar to the crest used on the Royal arms in England, Wales and Northern Ireland but the lion stand on a Tudor style medieval crown rather than a modern one, however he still wears the modern Tudor crown, a modern/old contrast that I think is nice. 
The base is my attempt to try to recreate the famous Yorkshire Moors, there is no motto as I would assume it would be the same as the rest of England,  Dieu et mon droit ("God and my right")

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