Thursday, 17 July 2014

Gorkhaland (proposed State)

Gorkhaland is a proposed state in India demanded by the people of Darjeeling hills and the people of Gorkha (Nepali) ethnic origin in Dooars in northern West Bengal on the basis of ethno-linguistic rights. I learned about it in a BBC Documentry, Indian Hill Railways episode about the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, which explored the rail line, and the people who worked it. Its available on YouTube.
In this documentary (which was filmed around election time) I noticed the people with these flags:
Green at the top, white in the middle and gold at the bottom. It has the Sun on the top bar, Himalyas on the middle, and two crossed Kukri knives, cultural symbol of the Gorkha (or Gurka to use the UK spelling) identity. The green at the top symbolize the prosperity with knowledge of brightness. The white symbolizes peace and purity as Himalaya, and the golden yellow symbolizes the spirituality and pride of Khukuri." Most flags have a political slogan on them too.
Although it has a good base to start from it has a little to much going on for the state flag, if such a state was ever formed, a much better flag would be a simpler design:

I kept the Kukries as they are the symbol of Gurka identity. However I thought this flag is still in political colours, and therefore would not make a good state flag, so I tried something a little more original and came up with this:

It still features a Kukri but in a more pacifist position, and a dharmachakra as this is part of India is strongly Buddhist and deeply spiritual.
It has the colours of the above flag on it, but also the colours of the Nepali flag with the same symbolism as the Gurkas are of Neplai origin.