Tuesday, 12 November 2013

N.Ireland close to New Flag?

Northern Ireland might be close to getting a new flag.
In NI at the moment their is a panel made up representatives of the main parties in the Northern Ireland Executive, to try to find a solution to issues like flags and symbols, parading and how the past is dealt with, things that hamper community relations and have still not yet been resolved. the media has dubbed these negotiations the "Haass Talks" as it is independently chaired by the former US Envoy to Northern Ireland, Ambassador Richard Haass. In the run up to these the "Independent Chair and Vice Chair of the Panel of Parties in the NI Executive on Parades and Protests, Flags, Symbols and Emblems, and Related Matters and the Past" (a long name, but I guess it says it all!) asked for the opinions and ideas of organisations and members of the public.
I sent in a query about an official new Northern Ireland Flag, and have received a replay suggesting that a new NI Flag will be one of the things the panel will be discussing. Although the politicians here would disagree on the colour of the sky, I am hopeful as this is probably the closest Northern Ireland has come to getting its own flag since 1973, and I didn't want to keep this to myself.

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