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This post is about Antarctica  There is a present no flag for the continent. Although it does have nine territories eight of which use flags. These are:Happy New Year everybody. I apologise I haven't updated sooner but at present I am very very busy. But here are some designs I made before Christmas. I apologise for the big space above I don't know why that is.
File:Flag of the British Antarctic Territory.svg
Name: British Antarctic Territory

Country: United Kingdom
Flag: White Ensign defaced with territories coat of arms
File:Flag of the Ross Dependency (unofficial).svg

Name: Ross Dependency

Country: Ne ZealandFile:Flag of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.svgFlag: Official flag is the National flag of NZ although an unofficial flag exists which is a light blue NZ flag.

Name: Adélie Land

Country: France
Flag: A French Blue ensign with a logo incorporating the letters FAAL for French Southern Antarctic Lands.

File:Flag of Norway.svg

Name: Peter I Island and Queen Maud Land

Country: Norway

Flag: Both territories use the Norwegian flag and have no unique flag of their own

Name: Antártica

Country: Chilie

Flag: State flag of XII Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena Region

File:Flag of Tierra del Fuego province in Argentina.svg

Name: Argentine Antarctica

Country: Argentina

Flag: Blue and orange field divided by white with a southern cross star formation in the fly.

File:Flag of Australia.svg
Name: Australian Antarctic Territory

Country: Australia

Flag: National flag of Australia no unique flag of its own.

Name: Marie Byrd Land
Country: Unclaimed
Flag: None

Now There is a flag of the Antartic Treaty :
 File:Flag of the Antarctic Treaty.svg
This incorperates a map of the continent but itself is not a flag of Antarctica but the nations (both with territorial claims and none territorial claims) that have agreed to protect it.

I was thinking the above territories could use a collective flag similar way Europe uses the EU flag.
It features the Earth design but with a lighter blue and the 'A' logo with a half globe and hands from the flag designed by Whitney Smith . And a star for each territory.

Flags that I have designed  for the territories that don't have flags are below.
Peter I Island,  Norway flag with a light blue field.

Queen Maud Land. Light Blue Scandinavian cross on white, set in a dark blue Scandinavian cross on white. 

Australian Antarctic Territory, Australia flag with light blue background on which the letters 'ATA' are occupying the space normally occupied by the Commonwealth star which has been moved to the fly. 

Marie Bryd Land, Antartic flag design in hoist with a single star. Light blue field with a single white stripe. As this is unclaimed a representative of each territory should be on a governing council to meet when matters regarding this region arise. 

Flags in this unless stated otherwise are not my designs 
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