Friday, 14 September 2012

What if Scotland leaves the UK?

If nothing else the Scottish Independence debate is an interesting topic and issue. If the Scots remain in the UK the there is no flag problem but if they leave there is particularly at sea. What will be the state ensign? what will be the state jack, will the navy have a separate ensign or jack? etc
Purely as a what if scenario that does not represent my views on what is a hot topic in Scotland, I thought I'd make my own versions.
Firstly the Civil Ensign will simply be the national flag, St Andrews Cross or Saltire:
This will be used by all merchant ships registered in Scotland. It may also be used as a civil jack although it is not the official civil jack. However there is one exception to the civil ensign and that is yacht clubs. Like the Republic of Ireland Scottish yacht clubs may use a standard form of ensign bearing the club badge, log or crest and the national flag. I have 3 similar designs for this:

Yacht club ensign 1 with saltire in canton 

Yacht club ensign 2 with half saltire at hoist 

Yacht club ensign 3 with saltire at hoist
Only one design would be used but these are just proposals, the club burgee is completely up to the club.

Next up is the civil or pilot jack. This is based on most piolet jacks with a white boarder. It can be used by any civilian vessel which like in the UK at the moment can really use whatever flag they like as a jack providing it is not a state or military flag.

The state ensign is a saltire defaced with the royal shield. I was considering using the Royal Banner of Scotland, but as the referendum is about the repeal of parliament instead of monarchy, then the monarch will probably use that flag in Scotland. Alternativly I used the saltire defaced with the royal shield like the Nova Scotia flag. This is a state flag and can also be used on land by the government. It will also be used by all government vessels. Fisherys, coast guard, police etc. It might also be used by the naval section of the Scottish armed forces?

The state jack also differs as it square and has a thistle on it to distinguish it from the civil jack and the national flag which can also be used in that role:

If the Scots Navy or equivalent chooses to use its own separate ensign from the state one to distinguish its vessels as warships, then I have three designs for a naval ensign. Like the Royal Navy ensign and most commonwealth navy ensigns it is white.
Naval ensign with royal shield and saltire in canton
Naval ensign with royal shield and half saltire in hoist

Naval ensign with royal shield and saltire in hoist 

The alternative Naval Jack features a saltire and Scottish Crown:

The naval mast head pennant is as fallows:
A paying off pennant would be similar except its length represents the ships time in service.

The Squadron Command Pennant which marks out the flagship of a squadron which is not commanded by a flag officer and replaces mast head pennant is as fallows:

Rank flags for flag officers which would replace the command pennant are as fallows:
 Commodore - swallow tailed Saltire  
Rear Admiral - one dot
Vice Admiral - two dots
Full Admiral - four dots
Admiral of the fleet - Plain Saltire
Again a what if scenario for fun not meant to be political or offensive all designs are mine comments welcome.


  1. Very good post. I want to ask a question: about the head of state flag, do you think it should be the lion rampant?

    1. It is hard to tell. The Royal Standard used in Scotland at the moment is different from the one used in the rest of the UK, as it has two lion rampants of Scotland,rather than two English Lions, so it is possible that might continue to be used. However I think the lion rampant would used to emphasise the King/Queen of Scotland rather than somthing that might sugest an English monarch is the Scottish head of state. If it was me that is what I would do

  2. What about the lone Scottish Ensign, like the banner of the Prince of Wales as Duke of Rothesay, but without the label?

    1. that would be interesting. There are lots of possibilities. When it comes to Scotland leaving the United Kingdom, people have lots of ideas for UK flags would be like without Scotland. But no one seems to think about what flags an independent Scotland would use? I think I'll create a post about this on the forum.