Friday, 15 June 2012

Falkland Islands Flag

It has been announced this week that Falkland Islanders will hold a referendum on their "political status" which currently is a self governing British Overseas Territory. While it is expected that nearly everyone will vote to keep British sovereignty I think now is a good time for a what if scenario. What if the islands became an independent country in the Commonwealth of Nations. What would their flag be? or what if the United Kingdom trying to find some middle ground with Argentine ports(which refused access to vessels flying the Falklands flag) decided to change the flag to a non ensign based design in a similar way the Gibraltar flag is no longer based on an ensign. Now I believe the people should determine their own future this is in no way political its only a 'what if' or alternative reality for fun.
Now the current flag of the Falkland Islands approved by the Ministry of Defence and used by the Islands Government is this:
                              File:Flag of the Falkland Islands.svg
It is a British Blue ensign defaced with the Islands coat of arms. A red ensign version of is used on Civil Ships registered in the islands. 
Now if the islands did become independent I think it is more than likely they would continue to used this flag. Same way Fiji and the cook islands kept their flags. But if they decided to change to a new flag or again alternatively if they change to a different flag like Gibraltar I propose a design featuring the coat of Arms on an uneven Blue and White striped field. 
    Here the shield is off centre towards the hoist which is very common on flags and is my personal favourite
                              The shield is centred which to be honest I don't think works as well

                                         The shield is less prominent and placed in the canton 

Now if the islands go independent the elected leader the chief executive would become the national leader and like any nation would deserve a personal flag:
A relatively simple flag an equal blue and white field with the island coat of arms in the centre. Assuming that they stay in the Commonwealth they would likely keep the Queen as head of state and therefore keep a governor or representative of the Queen. The current governor's flag is the standard design with governors of all UK territories. A union flag defaced with a wreath and the territories coat of arms: 
                               File:Flag of the Governor of the Falkland Islands.svg
My designs for a new post independence governor's or Royal representative flag are:
              The islands coat of arms on a plain blue field topped with Royal crown and the Queens initials

The other version is based on the flag of the Chief Executive but the coat of arms is flanked by the Royal Cypher 

What about the flag of the armed forces? Apart from the UK military personnel who regularly are deployed there is a small territorial unit of local volunteers in the Falkland Islands Defence Force(FIDF), which is funded and equipped by the local government. I have been unable to find out if they have a flag and if so what it looks like but they do have a unique cap badge. So I based a possible flag on that:
 It clearly has the badge in the centre on the a field that resembles the badge and the colours of sea, air and land forces behind them. This unit operates on all 3 fields and so would do more so if independence was given. Which leads on to what symbols would be used on the water and in the air? The naval section FIDF I think would fly their own ensign on patrol craft:

These are the Naval section flags for used at sea in ensign form only hence the crowned anchor. It appears I am not the only one thinking what if? As I have come across these aircraft roundels on the internet(not my design):

All just a what if situation for fun. I certainly enjoyed making these designs.


  1. Be worried that if you remove that flag, the next one you'll be hoisting will be that of Argentina.

    1. I disagree entirely, and I am not suggesting it should be, only designing for fun. The UK overseas territory of Gibraltar changed their flag quite some time ago to their current flag and are still firecly British. Despite pressure from Spain.

  2. Given that Argentina attacked without warning and occupied the islands amidst bloodshed, I find the idea of designing the flag in Argentine colours "for fun" quite offensive.

    1. I regret you feel that way I am not politically motivated and have no wish to offend anyone nor did I make this to encourage political debate. But for the record the colours on the flag are taken from the FI coat of arms and not the flag of Argentina. The flag is suposed to reflect the islanders only.